Welcome to our intermediary platform which provides full mortgage application submission, DIP and illustration facilities. Our Business Development Team are currently working from home, so if you need any assistance please request a call back and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

Service update

Like many lenders we are we are currently receiving high volumes of applications and enquiries, at a time when productivity is affected by our staff working from home and the need to divert staff resource to support borrowers who require or who are exiting from a mortgage payment break. This is even more challenging for manual lenders whose applications require higher levels of human attention, and as each application can be very different,
it is more difficult to commit to exact timelines for the production of mortgage offers.

We are instructing valuations as soon as the application is fully packaged and are working hard to produce offers as quickly as possible, however the impact of the above is that initial assessment of new applications may take around 2 weeks, and offers are unlikely to be available within 6 weeks of being fully packaged.

We understand that the service you deliver to your clients can be damaged by providing false expectations. We will keep our website updated, provide regular updates to you and will be as transparent as possible so that the expectations of your clients can be managed and alternative lenders can be considered if necessary.

We’re very sorry that we’re not currently operating the level of service to which we aspire, and expect that this will be short-lived.

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