Welcome to our intermediary platform, here you can create your illustrations, decision in principles, and create and submit your full mortgage applications. If you’d like any guidance on the system please call our Business Development Team on 01455 894 084, or use the live chat facility where you can also speak to a member of the team directly 9am - 5.30pm

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Criteria announcement

Until further notice, the minimum loan size is £250,000 for all applications. This will be reviewed regularly and we will provide a further update when this restriction is removed. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Service Announcement

In the last few weeks, we have experienced a much higher volume of new mortgage applications than expected.

In the short-term, this means the service times that we are able to deliver to you and your clients with new mortgage applications are longer than we would like, but we are making every effort to minimise delays and keep you informed.

We are currently taking up to 23 working days to initially underwrite new mortgage applications. However, within this timescale we will do the following:

• Acknowledge receipt of your application and confirm next steps
• Perform a credit search and basic lending-criteria check, and let you know the outcome of that check
• Allocate your case to a case-handler to liaise with you to prepare the application for underwriting
• Update you on the outcome of the initial underwriting assessment of the application

Upon allocation to a case-handler, fully packaged mortgage applications in March and April took an average of 23 working days to offer, but we anticipate the heightened volumes could also extend this timescale. Whilst it is difficult to judge the full extent of any delays at this time, we will keep all submitting brokers informed throughout processing and underwriting.

We are sorry for any delays you experience. Your business is very valuable to us and we thank you for your patience at this very busy time.

The H&R for Intermediaries Team


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